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As a seasoned creative professional I strive to perpetually learn and grow as a creative thinker, problem solver and artist. With over 20 years of industry experience and a passion to create captivating and effective designs, brands, websites, marketing strategies, advertisements and more, I set out on the journey of starting my own creative agency in September of 2019.

After working in the industry for 2 decades, and seeing first hand, what my now competitors lacked (empathy for the little guy and a personal touch), I embarked on creating a company with the startup, the wanna be corporation, the small business and the entrepreneur in mind. To create a company that treats it’s clients as more than an invoice number, by becoming immersed in their situation and dedicating myself to helping them overcome their many obstacles to become the best business they can be. A company that's cost effective, that's thoughtful and honest and most importantly a step above the rest. This is what I envisioned a purely client first creative design agency to be, and so, Koncep was born on March 1st 2020...on the heels of a global pandemic.

My philosophy is this...advertising is an art, and is something that if executed properly, with care and precision, can captivate the eyes and minds of today’s consumers. I believe that it is absolutely paramount to evolve, to stay on top of today’s trends, technologies and cultural shifts in order to create relevant designs, which in turn, will foster effective results and positive reactions.


Located in Newfoundland & Labrador Canada, Koncep is a full-service creative design and marketing company with the sole striving goal of ensuring the maximum success of our clients through innovative creative thinking and problem-solving. Casting a large net of services, we avail today's leading technology, techniques and media with one eye on the current environment and another on what lays ahead in an ever-changing market. 


Koncep has all the goods under the hood without the absorbent costs of our competitors. We offer up top professional quality while not putting your business in the red. This is vital in today's extremely saturated market which can be difficult to gain traction in with a sea of competition, short consumer attention spans and the constant thirst for what's next. This means marketing can chew up a large portion of your budget with minimal return on investment if not done with consistency, laser precision, and intention. Koncep will allow you to see real ROI with our realistic and fair pricing, and the ability to meet your budget big or small. Our main goal is your success and giving you our best at the best price possible is just one of the many ways we can make that happen.


Our daily mission is become better! To learn and grow each day in an all-encompassing effort to provide the absolute best quality of care and service to our valued clients, each and every one, big or small. 

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