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Digital & Social Media Marketing

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Digital Campaign Development

  • Identify Your Target Audience.

  • Construct an Intuitive Targeting Campaign.

  • Craft Tailored Plan to Maximize Impressions.

  • Ad Concept Development & Design.

  • Scheduled Plans for Peak Targeted Traffic Time Slots.

  • Identify the Correct Social Media Channels to Use.

  • Geolocation Based Advertising to Maximize Exposure Impact.

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Digital Campaign Deployment

  • Campaign Deployed Through Automation.

  • Constant Monitoring & Target Adjustments.

  • Mass Reach Email Campaign Ad Targeting & Funnelling Main Business Transaction Hub.

  • Multi-platform Posting to Maximize Reach.

  • Current Practice Audit, Course Correction & Deployment.

  • Social Media Marketing Coaching & Consulting.

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Marketing & Branding Development

  • Branding Development from the Ground Up.

  • Marketing Strategy Development.

  • Brand Recognition, Continuity & Trust Strategies.

  • Best Marketing Practices for Public Perception.

  • Client Outreach & Audience Targeting.

  • Funnelling your Advertising to Effective Channels.

  • Re-brands & Complete Re-builds. 

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Marketing & Branding Audit

  • Full Gamut Public Image Evaluation.

  • Business Sector Case Studies & Research.

  • Audit of Current Marketing Practices with Course Corrections & Deployment Strategies.

  • Niche Market and Target Audience Analysis.

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